About Internet Fax

Internet Fax is a service to convert a fax transmission into a digital file and can be received on email. And also you can send to fax from email.

Why people use Internet Fax

Internet Fax have many advantages, which is as follows.

  • Lower Cost : Cost of phone line, no long distance charges, don't have to own a fax machine and don't have to buy paper or toner.
  • More efficient use of time : Your can automatically send to fax machine easily, so you will not use your time to send fax. Also you can check fax at anywhere you can access web and email.
  • Security : You will receive on email, which is significantly more secure than having documents sit in a shared fax machine.

From a reason above there are lots of advantages using Internet Fax Service.

Recommendation Internet Fax

Our Recommendation is eFax.

  • 30 day free trial
  • No start up fee.
  • Only 995yen montly fee
  • Can send fax to foreign country
  • Can start using internet fax today

Choose a fax number which you like. And fill you information.